Corporate Finance Advisory


Growth should be the ambition of any enterprise, however, it is doesn’t come without challenges – markets change, competition evolves, regulatory certainty keeps changing, technological disruptions occur and organizational behavior is a present threat to vision and market positioning. Suffice to say, the East African region is becoming more integrated by the day, and you need to tap into the opportunities this presents, as well as identifying and mitigating any inhibitors. It is important to activate your existing portfolio as well as activate redundant/inefficient assets. In this respect, we help you objectively diagnose your growth assumptions and drivers, and assist you to identify and realize growth opportunities both within and without.

The following are key

New product and market performance assessment
Exit readiness
Buy-side M&A advisory

  • Target search
  • Due diligence and valuation
  • Transaction Advisory

Diversification (vertical + horizontal)
Business turnaround plans
Capacity building and SME support